SEAPARC offers a fun and dynamic workplace with great wages and employee benefits. A variety of positions exist within the Aquatics, Fitness, Administration, Maintenance and Community Recreation Departments.

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Contract Program Instructors

EmploymentBe a part of our team! At SEAPARC, we value a quality of life that creates personal and community wellness and health. Our diverse programs require skilled instructors to teach a variety of classes in the areas of arts, culture, sports, recreation, fitness, swimming and more!

To take the first step in joining us, please submit your resume and program proposal to the applicable program coordinator.

Contact Us

Aquatic Coordinator

Raf Olejniczak
Tel: 250.642.8014

Fitness Coordinator

Jenna Kurylo
Tel: 250.642.8014

Recreation Coordinator

Eduardo Hermosa
Tel: 250.642.8008

Administrative Coordinator

Shari Mason
Tel: 250.642.8004

Facility Operations Supervisor

Jim Govan
Tel: 250.642.8002