Gorge Waterway Nature House in Esquimalt Gorge Park

The Gorge Waterway Nature House is located in Esquimalt Gorge Park and is jointly run by World Fisheries Trust  and the Gorge Waterway Action Society, with support from the Township of Esquimalt.

The Nature House was designed to be a local community hub of environmental education and link environmental research with public outreach and youth education. The Nature House has attracted thousands of visitors since its opening and its capacity was further maximized after extensive renovations in 2012. Today, the Nature House hosts a Seaquaria Aquarium touch tank full of local marine species, a watershed model of the Gorge Waterway, and numerous interactive educational displays. There is something for everyone at the Nature House! The Gorge Waterway Nature House welcomed approximately 2,700 visitors in 2019.

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Kids enjoying the watershed model at Canada Day celebrations
The interactive 3D model of the Gorge Waterway is an effective teaching tool used at the Nature House.