Here are some things that you can do:

Help protect sensitive ecosystems throughout the Gorge and Portage Inlet.
  • Keep your distance from birds and other wildlife. The entire waterway is a federally designated Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Hundreds of migrating and resident birds use the waterway and adjacent shoreline for feeding, resting and nesting. Many species of marine mammals travel through the waterway in search of herring, migrating salmon and other food sources. Learn more about fish, birds and other wildlife on the Gorge here.
  • Watch where you walk. Please stay on pathways and trails around the Gorge, and use the designated beach access points. Avoid walking through sensitive estuaries where marsh vegetation and soft sediments are very susceptible to damage by trampling.
  • Boaters and paddlers: Please observe the posted speed limits, reduce boat wake and avoid approaching birds and other wildlife too closely. 
  • Learn more about the different ecosystems of the Gorge Waterway here or on the CRD website