Gorge Waterway Stewardship Strategy

The GWI partners developed a stewardship strategy in 2005 to help achieve their vision of a healthy environment for all life in the Gorge Waterway, Portage Inlet and the surrounding watersheds.

Goals and Objectives

The partners are working towards the following common goals and objectives to protect, enhance and restore the health of the Gorge Waterway, Portage Inlet, their watersheds and communities, for the enjoyment and well-being of present and future generations.

GOAL 1 - Provide and promote education stewardship and awareness programs and encourage responsible land and water uses

Objective 1A. Ensure that interest groups and the public understand the values of the waterway so they can act responsibly

Objective 1B. Foster long-term community responsibility for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the waterway

Objective 1C. Work collaboratively with First Nations to protect areas and sites of historical and current significance

Objective 1D. Encourage balanced recreation uses that allow public access but respect the privacy of landowners

GOAL 2 - Serve as a hub for information sharing and act as a point of contact for waterway issues

Objective 2A. Establish effective lines of communication and coordinate activities with harbour and waterway interest groups and government agencies

Objective 2B. Provide a forum for organizations involved in activities along the waterway so they can share information, collaborate and look for funding opportunities

Objective 2C. Establish a program to communicate with the public about GWI activities and the environmental quality of the waterway

Objective 2D. Encourage coordination between jurisdictions on the management of the waterway

GOAL 3 - Encourage and advocate for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the waterway and its watersheds

Objective 3A. Encourage land use planning and management in adjacent watersheds to protect the waterway

Objective 3B. Preserve, protect and enhance existing natural areas in the waterway, particularly foreshore and riparian areas

Objective 3C. Promote and demonstrate restoration of natural shorelines and stream banks in the waterway

Objective 3D. Achieve and maintain acceptable water quality and flows in the watersheds entering the waterway.

Progress on Strategy Achievement

In 2010, partners reviewed the goals and objectives outlined in the stewardship strategy developed in 2005. This summary of activities and projects in progress by GWI members at that time addresses specific goals and objectives of the Gorge Waterway stewardship strategy.
Learning about the Gorge critters in the Seaquaria

Waterway Vision

a healthy environment in perpetuity for all life in the waterway and its surrounding watersheds