There are several watersheds that drain an area of 8,232.5 hectares into the Gorge Waterway and Portage Inlet.

Colquitz RiverThese include:

  • Colquitz River - a 4,959 ha. watershed with many tributaries, lakes and wetland complexes that enters the eastern side of Portage Inlet through Cuthbert Holmes Park
  • Craigflower Creek - a 2,424 ha watershed with several smaller tributaries and lakes that enters the western side of Portage Inlet
  • Hospital Creek - a small 240 ha modifed watershed that enters the northern side of Portage Inlet
  • Gorge Creek - a small 200 ha watershed, with a daylighted channel that enters the Gorge Waterway through Esquimalt Gorge Park
  • Cecelia Creek - a highly urbanized 353 ha watershed that enters the lower Gorge

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