How Can A Homeowner Help Bowker Creek?

Everyone can help improve the health of an urban watershed. There are three main ways the typical homeowner can contribute:

  1. Allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the ground on your property.
  2. Reducing pollution running off your property and your car.
  3. Gardening with native plants and removing invasives.

How Can A Developer Help Bowker Creek?

The choices developers make can contribute to significant improvements in watershed health. Here are some steps developers can take:

  1. Talk to the right people early on to ensure no unnecessary delays
  2. Demonstrate leadership and take the responsibility for improving watershed health to help gain municipal and public support
  3. Consider using green infrastructure and Low Impact Development (LID) to reduce long-term operational costs and increase market value.

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Learn about the Watershed

Urban creeks need a lot of help from their neighbours. The Capital Regional District website that demonstrates the many ways that individuals can make a difference.