The GWI hosts Speakers Series events periodically, covering a wide variety of topics to do with the Gorge Waterway and adjacent area. These events are offered free of charge, and are held at venues near the Gorge. Highlights from past talks include:

Celebrate BiodiverCity and the Best Marine Environment in Urban Canada (April 2015)

Local bird specialist Jacques Sirois, founder of the Friends of Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary, gave an overview of the history of the Victoria Harbour MBS and the abundance of birds and other wildlife found throughout the year in the harbour, the Gorge Waterway and surrounding areas.

Eelgrass, Oysters and the Gorge Waterway: A Living Legacy (2011)

SeaChange Marine Conservation Society executive director Nikki Wright and University of Victoria graduate student Alicia Donaldson revealed some of the secrets of the eelgrass meadows and native Olympia oyster beds in the Gorge Waterway.

Otters in the Gorge and Victoria Area (2010)

UBC graduate student Cait Nelson, spoke about the ecology, home range, habitat use and contaminant exposure in river otters of the Gorge and Victoria area.

Alien Plants on the Gorge Waterway (2010)

Local native plant expert Fred Hook presented a guided walk through Cecelia Ravine, pointing out the many non-native invasive plants there that are found throughout the region. This was followed by an illustrated talk discussing the details about individual species' biology, why they are a problem on public and private lands and what we can all do to manage this growing problem.

Herons on the Gorge (2010)

Trudy Chatwin, Species at Risk Biologist from the BC Ministry of the Environment, spoke about the natural history of the Pacific Great Blue Heron, their populations, threats and conservation. Trudy led a guided walk to an active heron rookery in Cuthbert Holmes Park.

Woods of our Waterway (2009)

Sustainability consultant Judith Cullington and arborist Jeremy Guy presented information about the urban forest in the Gorge watershed. Discussion included information about the many values of the urban forest and some of the current threats to trees in our neighbourhoods. Participants also learned about the role trees play in our watersheds and gained insightful tips for maintaining and protecting trees on their property without losing their view.

Topics covered in earlier Speakers Series:

  • The Gorge of Days Gone By - Denis Minaker, local historian and author
  • Significance of the Gorge for First Nations - Cheryl Bryce, Songhees Nation
  • Birds of the Gorge – Bruce Whittington, local birding expert
  • The Past 25,000 Years of the Gorge – Grant Keddie, Royal BC Museum Curator of Archaeology
  • Creek Daylighting in Esquimalt Gorge Park – David Speed, Esquimalt Parks Manager
  • Healthy Shorelines – Clive Callaway, Living By Water Project
Invasive species tour of Cecelia Ravine

GWI representative Fred Hook
(City of Victoria) leads a public walk through Cecelia Ravine discussing  the invasive plants there, and plans for management.