Volunteer Opportunities

GWI member groups are actively involved with a variety of restoration projects along the waterway. The GWI acts as a hub for information distribution

Check out work being done in different watersheds along the Gorge:

  • Friends of Cuthbert Holmes: This group is removing invasive plants and restoring native habitat in Cuthbert Holmes Park, a municipal park at the mouth of Colquitz Creek near Portage Inlet.
  • Monitoring along Gorge Creek in Esquimalt Gorge Park: World Fisheries Trust. The lower section of Gorge Creek was daylighted in 2005/6 by the Township of Esquimalt.
  • Cecelia Creek ravine: City of Victoria Parks and volunteers from the Burnside Gorge Community Association are working together to restore riparian habitat along a section of Cecelia Creek that was daylighted in 2000.
  • Burnside Gorge Community Association

Shoreline Clean Up

Many groups along the Gorge Waterway organize community shoreline cleanups. Our partners below hold regular cleanups every year: