Wilderness Trips

We are fortunate to live in a region with access to nature and an abundance of outdoor activities. These areas may be prone to landslides, avalanches and wildlife encounters. Preparation is essential to survival if something happens.

Use The Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) Hotline to report wildlife-human interactions where public safety may be at risk, and to report known or suspected violations of fisheries, wildfire, or environmental protection laws.

  • Available 24/7 by calling 1.877.952.RAPP

Heading Outdoors? Leave a Plan

No one ever expects to get into trouble outdoors. But a turn in the weather, mistake in judgement, unexpected injury, or equipment failure can quickly change any recreational outing into a crisis. Have you completed a trip plan and shared it with family and friends? If no one knows you are missing, no one will be looking for you. Visit Adventure Smart for more information.

Preparing for your trip

Prior to departure check out British Columbia - Weather Conditions and Forecasts to help plan your trip. Having the right gear on your trip is also essential so be sure to have these things with you:

  1. Flashlight, spare batteries and bulb
  2. Fire-making kit - waterproof matches/lighter, fire starter/candle
  3. Signalling device - whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost
  4. Extra food and water - 1 litre water per person per day while in the wilderness
  5. Extra clothing - rain, wind, water protection and warm hat
  6. Navigational/Communication Aids (maps, compass, GPS, charts, cellular phone, satellite phone, hand held radio - fully charged battery) - know how to use them
  7. First Aid kit - know how to use it
  8. Emergency shelter - orange tarp or large orange garbage bag. These can also be used as signalling devices
  9. Pocket knife
  10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)
  11. Cell phone with battery pack
  12. Check for avalanche and landslide warnings and other weather alerts before you go

Additional Resources:

Visit the BC Conservation Officer Service to learn more about staying safe around wildlife.

Are you going out on the water? Visit Fisheries and Oceans for information about navigation and marine conditions. Volume 5 of the Canadian Tide and Current Tables Index provides information about Tides and Currents for Juan de Fuca Strait and the Strait of Georgia.

Heading to the Mountains? Visit Get Prepared for an Avalanche in BC to learn more about avalanche preparedness.