Hazardous material (hazmat) spills may include chemical, radiation, biohazard, propane, oil and gas, flammable materials, industrial products and mixed waste. Hazmat spills may occur in transportation, industry, businesses, and even our homes, and may occur after an earthquake or flood.

To Report a Hazardous Material Spill:

Call 911 or British Columbia's 24-hour incident reporting hotline at 1.800.663.3456.

When reporting a spill, be prepared to provide your name and contact number, as well as information about the substance spilled, information about the location of the spill, and any actions taken and information about agencies on-site or already notified.

What Happens if there is a spill?

  • Call 9-1-1 to report a hazardous spill;
  • Stay away from the spill for your safety and to prevent contamination;
  • Follow the instructions of authorities, you may be asked to either evacuate or shelter-in-place;
    • Follow your emergency plan and take your grab and go bag if asked to leave; and
  • Listen to the radio and television.

Hazmat Response in the Capital Region

Did you know the Capital Region has its own Regional Hazmat Response Service?

Over 60 firefighters across the region are trained as Hazmat Response Technicians. The Capital Regional District provides a central store of specialized equipment, which is housed and maintained by the Central Saanich Fire Department. The fire departments and the Ministry of Environment work together along with the responsible parties to contain the spill and minimize the impact the safety of people and the environment.