Earthquakes are common in BC; more than 1200 are recorded each year. They are caused by the continual movement of tectonic plates and strike without warning.


Tsunamis are rare but serious events. They can originate far from land and may not be preceded by a felt earthquake, so you need to know what to do if you are in a high-risk area.

Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is possible in any area of the CRD and can cause illness and death. Preparing for these events is a necessity.

Severe Weather

Extreme weather is possible in any area of the CRD and can result in reduced visibility, strong winds, flooding, and power outages. Preparing for these events is a necessity.

Power Outages

Power outages can occur for any number of reasons; it makes sense to be prepared.


The region is susceptible to wildfires, especially during the hot summer months. However, precautions can and should be taken to mitigate property damage and potential injury.

Infectious Disease

Disease outbreaks are a rare but serious occurrence.


In the event of a hazardous material spill, the Ministry of Environment should be contacted immediately at 1.800.663.3456.

Flooding and Storm Surges

Flooding often occurs as a result of serious weather and can cause injuries and major damage to property.

Wilderness Trips

We are fortunate to reside in an area abundant with wildlife. On rare occasions, we may encounter potentially dangerous wildlife. Knowing what to do is essential to ensuring the well-being of both the animal and yourself. Vancouver Island is home to a vast number of outdoor activities, many of which take place in remote back country areas. Preparation is essential to survival if an accident occurs in these areas.