oakbayThe Municipality of Oak Bay seeks to increase the livability and artistic richness of the community by making art accessible in public places and to create a legacy for future generations.

Where to Find Public Art

Oak Bay is part of the Greater Victoria urban area bordered by Victoria to the south-west and Saanich to the north. Permanent public art can be found at the municipal hall, various recreation centres, in the central areas such as Oak Bay Avenue, Estevan Village, at Willows Beach and other locations along the water front.

Public Art Policy

In addition, Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture runs an annual public sculpture program, where pieces are selected to be shown outdoors in our municipality for approximately one year, on temporary loan by the artists. Visit the Oak Bay Parks, Recreation & Culture website for information about the temporary public art program.

The summer also brings popular painted pianos into the municipality for the enjoyment of the community. The Arts Laureate and Public Art Advisory Committee are a group of appointed volunteers who work with the District to oversee the public art programs. Read more >>

The District of Oak Bay contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of nine municipalities and electoral areas in the capital region.

Artworks: Bodhi Frog by Doug Taylor; Symphony in the Sky by Mitsu Ikemura

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