backgroundA work of art, especially one that lives in a public space, often serves to underline the gap between the art world and the wider public. Artworks that have their genesis in public policy or municipal acquisition, in particular, are often an exercise in balancing risk and reward on a number of levels.

Some works of public art, for various reasons or perhaps by their nature can become a lightning rod for commentary and opinion while others, for reasons of content, time or context seem to fly under the radar.

The artworks contained in this website are the result of the public art initiatives in the capital region. It is the first time that all of the public art located in jurisdictions that contribute to the Arts & Culture Support Service are (virtually) accessible in one place.

Navigate through the maps and menus to find public art by location or by specific artists and media. Interested individuals can also find information, where it exists, on the public art policies of contributing municipalities.

Artworks: Bas Relief Mural by Wade, Stockdill, Amour and Partners; Celebration Mosaic by Sandra Millott

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