highlandsThe District of Highlands recognizes that arts and culture are an important expression of the diverse values, heritage and creative interests of Highlands residents.

Where to Find Public Art

The Highlands is northwest of Victoria and View Royal. More than one-third of the Highlands is protected as municipal, regional, and provincial parkland.

The District’s public art can be found inside the ’Little Red Schoolhouse’ in the Caleb Pike Heritage Park.

Arts & Culture Objectives

The District’s Official Community Plan includes the following objectives:

  • Encourage residents to become involved in arts and cultural activities suited to the rural character of the community.
  • Provide venues for Highlands artists and artisans to demonstrate their talents.
  • Support arts and culture as part of the local economy.

The District of Highlands contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of nine municipalities and electoral areas in the capital region.

Artwork: Highland Leaf Quilt by Daphne Allen, Mary Burcher, Sheila
Cantwell, Bronwen Duncan, Sally Gose, Kimberly Grigg, Deanna Henry, Gail Hogarth, Sue Johnson, Diana McMinn, Libby McMinn, Leslie Wagner and Janet Williams.  

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