esquimaltThe Township of Esquimalt's public art mission statement is: "to cultivate a more vibrant community full of visually exciting and identifiable spaces where art in all its forms is incorporated into everyday life".

Where to Find Public Art

Esquimalt is part of the Greater Victoria urban area. It is located four kilometres west of the City of Victoria, accessed on the west side of the Johnson Street Bridge. Find public art in, or outside the Municipal Hall and in the Town centre.

Public Art Policy

The Township of Esquimalt’s Public Art Policy was adopted by Council in 2016.

This Policy was created to enrich Esquimalt both physically and intellectually by ensuring that a diversity of art work and art forms are integrated into the design of public spaces. It was also intended to demonstrate that art is valued as an integral part of society, to increase community understanding of the arts, to promote the arts in general, and to increase community pride. Read more >>

The Township of Esquimalt contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of nine municipalities and electoral areas in the capital region.

Artwork: Emergence of the Lifebringers by Marianne Nicolson

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