How do I get involved?

There are a multitude of ways to get involved with SSIPARC. Browse through our program guide; come in and chat with our staff about courses; volunteer with us — the possibilities are endless!

How is SSIPARC Operated?

SSIPARC is an advisory Commission to the CRD Board and administers parks and recreation programs and services for Salt Spring Island. SSIPARC is responsible for the operation of the recreation service and recommends an operating policy and fees to the CRD Board, which makes the recommendations into bylaws. The commission must submit an annual budget to the CRD in October of each year.

What are the fees and admission rates for SSIPARC?

Drop in admissions and membership passes are explained on our Hours & Admission Rates page. Prices drop significantly when you purchase 10 or more visits at a time, or purchase a monthly pass.

How is SSIPARC Funded?

SSIPARC is funded by user fees, a property value tax, donations, grants and cost sharing.

Are programs offered at facilities other than the Rainbow Recreation Centre?

Yes, many! SSIPARC holds programs and events at several community facilities and parks on Salt Spring Island. Check the course description or your confirmation receipt for course location.

What are SSIPARC's policies regarding enrolment, course cancellations and fee refunds?

Our Registration page will answer most basic questions about registration. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us, and we'll do our best to figure things out.

Can I advertise on SSIPARC's Road Sign?

Non-profit organizations and community groups can request to have local information and events displayed. Please contact the CRD administrative office at 250.537.4448 or by email.

Why are parks and recreation programs important?

Recreation used to be viewed as something pleasant which we did when we had time. This perception has changed significantly in recent years. Individuals and communities have realized — and research continues to demonstrate — the broad reaching benefits associated with recreation and active living.

The National Benefits Hub, produced by professional recreation organizations identified the following major benefits of recreation:

  • Health
  • Human development
  • Individual quality of life
  • Community quality of life
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Families/Communities
  • Prevention
  • Economic
  • Environment