What facilities do you have for Parties?

Panorama Recreation Centre

Pool Parties:

  • One party room (fits 15 people comfortably)
  • Two rectangle fold out tables with chairs around
  • Swimming facilities

Skate Parties:

  • One party room (seats up to 15 people comfortably)
  • Two rectangle fold out tables with chairs around
  • Skating facilities

Greenglade Community Centre

Preschool and School-Age Gym Parties (1yr+):

  • One school aged party room (seats up to 25 children comfortably with four square tables)
  • One large rectangle table for food and beverages
  • Gymnasium facility

School-Age Specialty Parties (7yrs+)

  • Crafting room
  • School age party room
  • One large rectangle table for food and beverages

North Saanich Middle School

Archery Parties (8yrs+)

  • Gymnasium & food facility
  • 12 participants or less

How many children can attend the party?

This will depend on your party pack. Swim and skate parties include admission for up to 15 children (and 5 adults). You may add extra children to swim or skate parties at our regular admission rates. For gym parties, you may choose between either up to 15 children ($170) or 16-25 children ($225). Fees will not be prorated based on number of guests. Please note, a minimum off 2 weeks’ notice is required to switch from one fee option to another. If booking an Engineering for Kids Party, up to 8 additional children may be added at a rate of $10/child. Specialty parties have a maximum of 12 guests ($180).

How many adults need to be present?

There must be one parent for every four children in attendance. For swim parties, please note: children 6 years and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult (16yrs+) who must be within arms’ reach at all times. There must be one adult for every 3 children in attendance under the age of 7 for all pool parties (all pool party fees include admission for up to 5 adult supervisors. Any additional adult supervisors will be subject to the drop-in fees).

Are helmets mandatory for skate party participants?

We strongly encourage all participants to wear a helmet. Bike helmets that fit properly are a good alternative. Helmets are required for all children in strollers on the ice. If you forgot your helmet, feel free to borrow one of ours.

Are kitchen facilities available?

For hosted parties at Panorama and Greenglade, your host will have access to a fridge and freezer for food storage during the party. The stove and oven are not available for public use. For Do it Yourself and Engineering for Kids parties, please note that there is no access to a fridge or freezer.

What does the gym equipment consist of at Greenglade Community Centre?

The setup for all gymnasium parties will vary depending on the party host and age group of the participants. It is helpful to specify the participant’s interests at the time of booking. Our 50’ inflatable obstacle course will be set-up for all gym parties. *Please note that the height restriction on the inflatable obstacle course is 36''. A preschool bouncy castle is available for those under 36'' upon request. In addition to the inflatable, you may also request any of, or a combination of, the following:

  • Kindergym Equipment
  • Mini Bouncy Castle (for little ones under 36” in height)
  • Sports Equipment (tumbling mats, basketballs, foam balls, floor hockey equipment)

Are organized games and face painting provided?

Organized games and activities are at the discretion of the party host. For single hosted gym parties it is difficult for the host to supervise the inflatable obstacle course and face paint or play games. If you would like face painting or games/activities at your child’s party, please book a double hosted gym party. Face painting is available upon request for all parties at North Saanich Middle School.

If the weather is good, can the guests go outside for their activities?

Absolutely! Panorama has an excellent, fully accessible playground. Greenglade and North Saanich Middle School also have playgrounds and large fields for sports or organized activities.

Can I arrive early to setup for the party?

Typically, parents can arrive 15 minutes early to set up; however, please check with reception or the program coordinator to ensure the space is available. Often parties are booked back to back, with only 15-30 minutes between bookings.

How many balloons are provided? Can children take them home?

In efforts to be more eco-conscious and environmentally aware with programming, effective January 2018, balloons will no longer be included with party bookings (both at Greenglade and Panorama). We thank you for your understanding!

Can I request a specific host for a party?

Certainly, however, based on staff availability, we may be unable to accommodate your request. Regardless, we will do our best! Please let us know at time of booking who you may wish to have host your party.

What do I need to bring?

Parents are welcome to bring any decorations, food, or other supplies for the party that they wish. Panorama does not provide plates, knives, candles and matches; these are the responsibility of the family.

Can we stay in the party room after our scheduled party is finished?

Sorry but, our parties are extremely popular and therefore we require all parties to finish on schedule so as not to interfere with any subsequent bookings.

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