Here are some things you can do:

There are many ways that you can help protect the sensitive ecosystems, wildlife and plants at Esquimalt Lagoon. When visiting the lagoon, please:

  • Keep pets on a leash. Esquimalt Lagoon and the upland 300 feet are a designated Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Thousands of migratory and resident birds use the lagoon for feeding, resting and nesting. Clean up after your pet and deposit waste in the bins along the spit.
  • Keep your distance from birds and other wildlife. Migrating birds need to feed and rest for their long migrations. Please don't feed the wildlife, the best diet is what nature supplies for them.
  • Watch where you walk. Stay on designated trails, and use the beach access points near the benches on the outer shore. The dune ecosystem at the lagoon is very sensitive to trampling by people and pets.
  • Boaters - please stay out of the Wildlife Refuge Areas.