Members of the public are encouraged to join ELSI. The following community sectors with an interest in the lagoon and/or the surrounding watersheds are represented on the steering committee:

Citizens-at-large: representatives must live within the City of Colwood or District of Langford

Business Community: representatives must be from a business operating within the City of Colwood or the City of Langford

Recreational Users Groups: representatives must be from a group that uses Esquimalt Lagoon or Coburg Peninsula for recreational purposes

Conservation/Environmental Groups: representatives should be from organizations whose geographic area of interest includes the Esquimalt Lagoon, and whose mandate is consistent with the vision and purpose of ELSI

Contact the ELSI coordinator for more information.


ELSI’s vision is to protect, enhance and restore the health of the Esquimalt Lagoon for present and future generations of people, plants and animals.


The purpose of ELSI is to bring together organizations and individuals with an interest in or jurisdiction over Esquimalt Lagoon, Coburg Peninsula and the surrounding lands to pursue a coordinated approach to the environmental management and stewardship of Esquimalt Lagoon.