The Hands of Time: Holding Binoculars

by Crystal Przybille
  • 367-binoculars
    Crystal Przybille - The Hands of Time: Holding Binoculars - Click to view full size image


This sculpture looks out to the ocean, referencing the compelling nature of Victoria’s geography and the foundation of its tourism and sightseeing industries.

It is one of 12 bronze sculptures of life-size hands engaged in activities that symbolize the Capital City's history and identity can be explored around downtown Victoria. Explore and discover these artworks with The Hands of Time Walking Tour Brochure.

The artworks are located around Victoria's Inner Harbour, with one art piece at City Hall, The Hudson, along the Songhees Walkway, and another at the top of Beacon Hill at Beacon Hill Park. The artworks can be found on buildings, lamp standards, rocks in landscaped areas, and on bedrock.

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