Honouring Figure

by Johnny Aitken
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    Johnny Aitken - Honouring Figure - Click to view full size image


Johnny Aitken was commissioned to create the Honouring Figure in 2007 by the Mayne Island Garden Club. The 20-foot figure is made of two western red cedar trees and has glass eyes and glass in-lay for its belly button. The figure is based on a traditional Coast Salish Welcome Figure. Traditionally, there were two such figures in Village Sites, one male, one female. Open arms to welcome other tribe members.

The figure was carved to honour Emma and Felix Jack from the Cowhichan Tribes and all other Coast Salish People that visited or lived on what is now known as Mayne Island. Johnny is a grandson of Emma and Felix Jack. Mayne Island is part of the traditional territory of the Coast Salish Peoples.

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