Alterations and Decorating

The Housing Corporation has a policy for limiting decorative changes in our units. The reason for this is the high cost of returning units to a condition where they could be occupied by a new tenant. The Corporation does not permit any painting within our units except the approved Corporation colour. Your caretaker can provide you with paint information.

  • Tenants may use their own drapes or blinds as long as they appear white or cream from the exterior. Corporation window coverings should be carefully stored and re-hung prior to ending the tenancy agreement.
  • Tenants may hang pictures on the walls with proper picture hooks.
  • Satellite dishes are discouraged however may be installed with prior written permission.
  • Plants (except trees) may be added to your garden provided that you do not disturb existing shrubs. Tenants are not permitted to remove existing plants.
  • No items such as hanging plants or decorative materials may be attached to the exterior walls or fencing.
  • No standing water is permitted on site (bird baths, pools, ponds).
  • Changes to fencing, decks, appliances and shelves may be considered – written permission is required prior to any change being made.

Christmas Trees and Lights

You are allowed to have live Christmas trees in your suite. We have a tree pick-up service in early January. If you miss the pick-up date, you will have to dispose of the tree yourself. You may not put the tree in the garbage bin.

You may put up Christmas lights on the outside of your unit and on your balcony. You must use plastic clips only to put up the lights. Do not make any holes to attach the lights. Christmas lights must be taken down by the end of January, unless you receive notice otherwise.

Patios, Balconies and Carports

Patios and balconies must be kept neat and attractive and are not to be used as storage areas. Do not store bicycles on your patio or balcony. Furniture is restricted to outdoor patio furniture only. Barbeques are only permitted on ground level patios. They are not permitted on upper balconies at any time. Barbeques must be at least 2 metres from the building and not under an overhang when they are being used.

Backyards and Lawn Care

If you have a back yard you are responsible to cut your own grass. You may borrow a lawnmower if you don’t have one by contacting your caretaker. Please return the equipment in clean condition. The Housing Corporation is not responsible for injuries caused to tenants who use the equipment and reminds you that you use it at your own risk. Use extra care when children are around.

The Housing Corporation limits the use of herbicides and pesticides on our property. Please do not use any of these products in your yards.

Paying for Damages

If you or your guests damage your suite beyond what is considered normal wear and tear, you will have to fix the damage. You can do the repairs yourself, or have someone else do them as long as the repairs meet the Housing Corporation standards. You can also ask the Housing Corporation to do the repairs and invoice you for the work. If you can’t pay the whole bill at once, please contact the office to ask for a payment plan.

Storage and Storage Areas

Most of our apartment buildings have storage lockers and your caretaker will assign you one if available. Do not store any dangerous substances or flammables in a storage area. Attics or crawl spaces are not to be used as storage areas.