Please bag your garbage properly and take it to the garbage bin. Do not leave it outside your door or on the ground by the garbage bin. Do not allow small children to take the garbage out if they cannot reach the lid. Lids on garbage bins must be kept closed at all times according to Municipal bylaws.

You are responsible to dispose of any old furniture, mattresses, tires etc. If you leave these items in the garbage enclosure, the Housing Corporation will haul them away and you will be billed for the hauling and disposal fees.


Recycling bins for cardboard are provided at most complexes. If yours does not have a cardboard bin your caretaker can tell you where to find the nearest recycling depot.

You can recycle:

  • Glass
  • Newspaper
  • Clean paper
  • Cardboard
  • Cans

Do not dispose of paper or cardboard in the garbage bins. The Housing Corporation can receive a fine if cardboard or paper is found in the garbage bins.

For more information on recycling call the CRD Recycling Hotline at 250.360.3030 or go to

Kitchen Scraps

The Kitchen Scrap program at your complex has been underway for the past few months and CRHC would like to thank all residents for their continued support & participation in diverting household organic waste from the Hartland Landfill. Organic waste or kitchen scraps, typically makes up 30%-40% of all residential garbage.

  • Kitchen scraps consist of food waste ranging from fruit and vegetable scraps to meat, bones, coffee grounds, tea bags and compostable paper products such as paper towel and tissues.
  • Soiled paper products can be added to kitchen scraps recycling as long as it contains no plastic such as: napkins, tissues, waxed paper and muffin liners. Plastic coated paper (like coffee cups and meat liners) cannot be added. f you are unsure if the product is plastic free; try tearing the paper – paper containing plastic will stretch. Remember, if your paper is clean; recycle it in your paper/cardboard bin.
  • Use compostable bags or newsprint ‘Origami bags’ only to contain your kitchen scraps. Compostable bags can be purchased at many grocery and hardware stores throughout the Capital Regional District. Never dispose of kitchen scraps using plastic bags this contaminates the entire bin and will result in rejected bin pickups and/or fines to the Housing Corporation.
  • Preventing allergic reactions due to food allergies. Another very important reason to use a compostable or an “Origami” paper bag is to help protect your neighbours who have life threatening allergies to common compostable food items. To minimize the risk of airborne allergens please seal or tie bags to enclose scraps before placing them into the bins.
  • Learn when your collection day is and then plan to clean your fridge out of organic scraps on day 12 or 13 or your collection cycle; rather than day 2. If you are unsure of your complexes pick up dates, please contact your caretaker.
  • Minimize odours in your household bin and the common area bin by refrigerating or freezing very smelly items (i.e. seafood) until the day before or day of collection.
  • Regularly clean your portable compost carrier in between use. Regular dish soap or baking soda can keep them fresh and free of fruit flies.
  • Accepted and Not Accepted Materials (PDF)