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Used Building Materials

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Used Building Materials
Living in a town full of heritage buildings has more advantages than simple aesthetics. Many of the used building materials that are salvaged from these places are made of stronger, longer lasting materials than can be purchased today. Old growth cedar and fir, wavy glass windows, giant wood beams and copper piping are just some examples. These materials can be used again in renovation or restoration projects on your own house and cause far less environmental impact than harvesting or manufacturing new materials.

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How do I go green?


Think about whether you really need to complete that second bathroom project or add that sunroom on to the back of your house.  The best renovation is no renovation (even better than building green) and it might just protect your marriage, too!
Only purchase the quantities that you need, gypsum board (drywall) for example almost costs as much to recycle as it does to purchase.


Shop at businesses that sell good reusable building materials. Visit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, usedvictoria.com or craigslist for good reusable materials.  Use recycled, salvaged materials whenever possible. They will lend integrity and character to your renovation project, whether through use of traditional mouldings, old fashioned door knobs or exposed beams.


Some used building materials such as drywall are banned from going into the garbage.  When completing your own demolition project, make sure to deconstruct carefully, so that old materials can be reused, either by you or by someone else, or recycled.  Used Building Materials have great potential for future reuse and recycling. Check the listings below as well as these Recyclopedia sections for further info:


  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • RemoveAndReUse.Com

    Online resource only for Capital Region residents

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Burnside

    50 Burnside Road West

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Langford

    849 Orono Avenue

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Victoria

    3311 - H Oak St

  • The Environmental Story

    Modern building is a multibillion dollar industry, and the production and harvesting of raw materials for building purposes is on a world wide scale, often being a primary governmental and trade keypoint between nations. Environmental concerns are also becoming a major world topic concerning the availability and sustainability of certain materials, and the extraction of such large quantities needed for the human habitat.

    Did You Know?

    Conducting a home renovation or demolition?

    Did you know that construction and demolition wastes destined for Hartland landfill may have to be managed under Controlled Waste Permit? Refer to the following decision charts to find out how to get rid of your construction and demolition waste and what rules apply:

    Please note that the landfill does not take clean drywall for disposal or recycling. Please visit Drywall for a list of companies who will take it for recycling. Hartland landfill will accept drywall contaminated with asbestos.