What would you like to Recycle?

Salvage (not automotive)

Salvage (not automotive)

The Salvage area at the Hartland Landfill will accept small items, including clothing and textiles clean and in good condition.  They collect these items on your behalf and donate them to charities.  Please call first or check with the landfill attendant in the recycling area when you get there.

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How do I go green?


Think before you buy so that you have less to get rid of in the first place. The easiest way to save the planet is by resisting the temptation to acquire new personal and household goods.
Only purchase what you need.  Let your first thought be repairing before replacing.


Donating items you no longer use that are in good reusable condition saves landfill space and benefits those who are in need.
Be a salvager on both sides of the equation.  Visit thrift shops and second hand stores when you’re searching for clothing, furniture, bikes, toys or books.  You’d be amazed at the treasures you can find.


Many items are recyclable, check the individual listings in myrecyclopedia.
Drop your salvageable items off at the Hartland Recycling facility or any of the listings below. You’ll be glad you did, and someone else will benefit from your forethought.


  • Diabetes Canada

    754H Fairview Road

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • RemoveAndReUse.Com

    Online resource only for Capital Region residents

  • Salvation Army - Vanalman

    765 Vanalman Avenue

  • Salvation Army - Victoria

    525 Johnson Street

  • Salvation Army - View Royal

    307 Island Highway

  • The Environmental Story

    Anything is better than the landfill. And when it comes to salvage goods, you can be assured that if it’s in good working order, someone will have need for it. Recycling through donation is one of the best ways you can find to reduce your environmental footprint. Rather than having to be broken down and made into something else, an item is simply used again. It’s brilliant, and it’s bound to bring you good karma!