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Oily Absorbant/Rags

Oily Absorbant/Rags
Have you carefully collected and recycled your used motor oil, motor oil filters, and motor oil containers and in this process accumulated some oily rags?

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How do I go green?


Walk, cycle, or car pool to cut down on motor oil use. Choose a push mower, which besides reducing motor oil use will exercise your body and reduce noise pollution.


Reuse that rag as often as possible prior to depositing it at a recycling facility. But be sure to keep it away from any source of ignition and keep it well ventilated.


The facility below will accept oily rags for recycling. That used rag might end up reconstituted as a fuel briquette.


  • Envirosystems

    825 Admirals Road

  • JOMA Environmental Ltd. (pick-up service only)


  • The Environmental Story

    A single drop of motor oil leached from an oily rag can contaminate a million drops of water. Save your rags and take them to a recycler to divert these potentially toxic items from landfills or even worse, our waterways.