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refuse, rubbish, trash, solid waste, asphalt shingles, carpet, photographs, suitcases, vinyl, wax paper, waxed paper, waxpaper, luggage, cellophane, negatives, padded envelopes, hot tub, car seat, hardiplank, tarp
Canadians are one of the highest producers of garbage in the world.  Each Canadian, on average, produces an astonishing 2.2 kilograms or almost 5 pounds of waste each day. That's 30 million tonnes of waste in total each year!  Canadians toss more than 140,000 tonnes of recyclable electronic waste alone into landfills each year. Canada generates more municipal waste per capita annually than any of its peer countries. 
In the CRD we landfilled 365 kilograms (805 pounds) of garbage per person in 2011.  This is a big improvement over 1989 when we landfilled 671 kilograms (1479 pounds) per person; however at the current rate we expect Hartland Landfill to be full by 2035.
At Hartland landfill we receive over 450 tonnes of garbage each day; 136,000 tonnes per year.  On average that is 120 garbage trucks each day. The CRD is very committed to recycling opportunities in order to conserve landfill space and minimize raw resource extraction. We are currently diverting 46% of our solid waste through recycling; and have higher diversion goals in the future.
Canada’s landfills are reaching capacity and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sites for new ones.  Landfills also produce approximately 25% of Canada’s methane emissions (methane is a powerful greenhouse gas).  Reducing our consumption and re-using and recycling can help reduce the amount of waste entering landfills and help conserve natural resources and protect the environment.  Unfortunately some items such as photographs or garden hoses simply cannot be recycled and must go into the garbage.

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How do I go green?


Don’t buy stuff if you don’t need it.  Share with neighbours, friends and family.  Consider renting items such as rarely needed power tools.  If you really do need an item, consider getting it second hand.  If you must buy it new, buy the best one you can afford and take good care of it so it last longer.  Look for good environmental track records and high EnergyStar ratings and eco-logos.  EcoLogo


Try not to be tempted to buy the latest and greatest newfangled gadget.  If your current sewing machine, cell phone or television works just fine, stick with it.  Repurpose items to give them new life. There are many websites with great ideas for repurposing items.  Here are just a few:
Upcycle That
Trash 2 Treasure


There are a number of materials that are banned from going into the garbage at Hartland landfill.  Most of these items are accepted in the recycling area  at Hartland.
Have a good look at the links to the right and at the Products A - Z list on myrecyclopedia to see what can be recycled.  If the item in question is not on the list, contact our Infoline at 250.360.3030 or infoline@crd.bc.ca to see if it can indeed be recycled.  There is limited space on myrecyclopedia; we cannot list everything.  A wide range of items are part of Product Stewardship programs which means they can be taken to a number of facilities for recycling for free.  You’ve already paid for this service with an environmental handling fee (EHF) at purchase. 
Stay with a reputable organization and stay away from any recycler you haven’t researched. This will help to ensure items such as computers do not become ‘e-waste,’ in developing countries, where they are burned or dumped, often under appalling environmental and health conditions.


  • A&P Disposal & Recycling

    6220 Marilyn Road

  • Alpine Disposal & Recycling

    1045 Dunford Ave.

  • CCR Capital City Recycling Ltd.

    (pick up service only)

  • Darryl's and James's Digs

    103 East Point Road
    Saturna Island

  • Ellice Recycle

    524 David Street

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Laurie's Recycling & Integrated Resource Mgmt. Inc / Laurie's Garbage & Recycling

    295 Park Drive
    Salt Spring Island

  • Oak Bay Public Works Yard (Oak Bay residents only)

    1771 Elgin Road
    Oak Bay

  • Pan-insula Disposal

    7481 West Saanich

  • Pender Island Waste Management Ltd

    PO Box 26
    Pender Island

  • Sooke Disposal Ltd.

    No drop off depot.

  • Waste Connections of Canada


  • Waste Management

    6808 Kirkpatrick Crescent

  • The Environmental Story

    The Story of Stuff Project, founded by Annie Leonard, has a fabulous website with short, online movies that explore key features about the way we make, use and throw away Stuff, and how we can make things better.  Here are just two of her many great videos:
    The Story of Stuff 
    The Story of Change