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Flares are a necessary safety item.  Expired flares must be safely disposed of.  Please handle with care. Local police and fire departments will occasionally accept flares for disposal. There are annual collection events held across Canada every year by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, check the link to see if there is an upcoming event in your area.

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Only buy the number of flares that you actually require.  Store in a dry location out of the reach of children or pets.


Flares cannot be reused.


The aluminum and plastic components are recycled, and the propellants inside are burned in a high-energy burner.
Try the facility listed below, or call your local police or fire department using the non-emergency phone number.
Flares are relatively safe to transport.


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  • The Environmental Story

    Proper disposal of flares is important as they cannot be thrown in the regular trash due to their safety hazards. The only real safe way to get rid of them is through someone licensed for explosives disposal.

    Unlike other consumer products with special disposal procedures like tires or paint, there’s a lack of support from manufacturers to take in flares. C-I-L, the Canadian chemicals manufacturer, is one of the only companies accepting old flares, but only at select facilities in Eastern Canada.

    Pacific Blasting, a Burnaby firm has been recycling expired pyrotechnic flares since 2009.