What would you like to Recycle?

1. What is myrecyclopedia.ca?

myrecyclopedia.ca is more than just a list of recyclable items and recycling depots, it’s a 3R encyclopedia (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Myrecyclopedia.ca is a resource for residents of the Capital Region to identify how to reduce, reuse and recycle in the Capital Region. Residents and businesses can find convenient facility locations and get the environmental story behind the items we use in our homes and businesses.

2. Who can use myrecyclopedia.ca?

Everyone! Myrecyclopedia is made for use by all Capital Region residents. Although some information may be valid in other areas, the information on Myrecyclopedia highlights the recycling options, reuse options and alternative products specifically available within the Capital Region. Take advantage of the detailed information and start recycling today!

3. Why was myrecyclopedia.ca created?

At the CRD, we’re trying to encourage residents to recycle as much as they possibly can, and to learn more about the options available along the way. There’s much more to recycling than just your curbside Blue Box, and the more we can keep out of the Hartland landfill, the longer that landfill will last. Most of what we throw away today can be revisioned as tomorrow’s resources. Change your outlook and your habits and start a super charged recycling habit today!

4. What is the Capital Regional District and what are its boundaries?

The CRD is the regional government for the 13 municipalities and three electoral areas that are located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It’s comprised of 13 municipalities and three electoral areas. If you live in Sooke, Port Renfrew, one of the Gulf Islands, or anywhere in between, you’re a Capital Region resident.

5. Where do items go if I don’t reduce, reuse or recycle them?

Everything that goes into the garbage in the Capital Region is landfilled at Hartland. Hartland landfill is owned and operated by the Capital Regional District (CRD) and is located about 14 km northwest of Victoria. It is the only solid waste disposal facility in the Capital Region, serving over 340,000 people.

Hartland receives about 140,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year.

6. How much material is diverted from the landfill?

More than 27,000 tonnes of material were diverted from Hartland landfill in 2008. It is estimated that through other programs, such as community clean-ups and home composting, an additional 64,000 tonnes were also diverted. That’s 91,000 tonnes of material that will be used again!

7. When will the landfill be full?

The landfill is expected to close in 2045 however; we can increase the life of the landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling.

8. Who is responsible for information on myrecyclopedia.ca?

The Capital Regional District has created these listings for residents and will keep them up to date as needed. You can be assured of the most current information on the best place to take all your stuff, from lawn mowers to plate glass.

9. Who can I contact for more information on reducing, reusing and recycling in the Capital Region?

You can email the CRD Information Line at or call us: 250.360.3030

10. Where can I find more information reducing, reusing and recycling in the Capital Region?

Check out the Recycling and Composting Popular topic on the CRD website. You will find information about the Hartland landfill and recycling facility and when your next curbside recycling pick-up day is.