The CRD Blue Box Recycling Program provides curbside recycling to over 121,000 homes in the region.

To participate have your recyclables at the curb by 7:30am on your collection day and utilize a least one CRD blue box or blue bag to indicate to the recycling truck driver the materials are intended for this program.

Note - all items accepted for recycling are banned from residential garbage.

Three Stream Recycling

To comply with Recycle BC processing requirements, collection vehicles have been outfitted with three compartments. Remember to keep your recyclables separated into the three streams listed below.

  1. Paper, Boxboard and Cardboard
  2. Metal, Plastic and Paper Containers
  3. Glass Bottles and Jars

secure-bluebagSecure Your Recycling On Windy Days

During windy conditions take steps to secure your recycling to prevent littering of neighbourhoods.

CRD Blue Boxes and Bags

If you require a new or replacement blue box or blue bag, please contact our collection contractor, Emterra Environmental, at 250.385.4399 or by email. For pick up, their office is located at 304 John Street in Victoria. This pickup location is available to all residents. Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm.

The program provides residents with one CRD blue box and two blue bags per home.

Additional pick up locations are listed below. Please call first to ensure they have items in stock.

  • Alpine Disposal (Westshore residents)
    1045 Dunford Avenue, 250.474.5145
  • Central Saanich residents
    1903 Mt. Newton X Road, 250.652.4444
  • Colwood residents
    3300 Wishart Road, 250.478.5999
  • Langford residents (bags only)
    877 Goldstream Avenue, 250.478.7882
  • Metchosin residents
    4450 Happy Valley Road, 250.474.3167
  • North Saanich residents
    1620 Mills Road, 250.656.0781
  • Sidney residents
    2440 Sidney Avenue, 250.656.1184
  • Sooke/East Sooke/Sooke west residents
    2205 Otter Point Road, 250.642.1634
  • View Royal residents
    45 View Royal Avenue, 250.479.6800

CRD blue boxes are 47 litres (12 gallons) and measure 48 x 40 x 31cm or 19 x 16 x 13" (L x W x H).

Use of Other Boxes or Bins

Other plastic boxes or bins may be used to contain additional recyclables. Look for receptacles that are no larger in size than a CRD blue box (see dimensions above), as the recycling truck driver lifts and empties over 2,000 boxes and bags every collection day. Receptacles placed out in addition to a CRD blue box or bag do not have to be blue or contain the recycling symbol.

Note: 53L recycling bins available through Home Hardware may be used to contain your extra recyclable items.

Changing Markets for Canada's Recyclable Materials

We do not anticipate China's new policy will impact the Curbside Blue Box Program. Read more >>

Recycle BC

The CRD Blue Box Recycling Program is funded through Recycle BC by the producers of packaging and printed paper in the province.


CRD Resources

Glass Container Bin

Glass bottles and jars must be kept separate from your other recyclables. An old tub or pail can be used to contain your clean glass containers.

While not required, pink "Glass Bottles and Jars Only" labels are available by contacting Emterra at 250.385.4399 or by email. These are helpful in designating your glass collection bin.


Missed collection, replacement boxes:

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