Multi-family Residential Recycling

Recycle BC is the industry association that is responsible for residential recycling of packaging and printed paper in the Province, as required under the BC Recycling Regulation. These services are provided through a combination of curbside collection, drop-off depots and multi-family residential programs.

For information on recycling services available to your multi-family residential complex, please contact your waste hauler.

CRD Apartment Tote Bags

Since 2006, the CRD has distributed 39,271 free reusable recycling tote bags to apartment and condominium units in the region. The goal is to increase recycling participation and reduce contamination in multi-family buildings. Reusable recycling tote bags are available to all apartment and condominium buildings in the region, with five or more units. The bag is intended to remain in each unit, thus ensuring that the next occupant has access to the same service. Additional tote bags are still available, please email to request one.

*Important note: The information on the Apartment Tote Bag is out of date and may not comply with the current criteria for each building. Any corrections will need to be provided to the residents.

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