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Propane Cylinders (non-refillable)

Propane Cylinders (non-refillable)
These are the small tanks used for camp stoves and lanterns. While they can’t be refilled when they’re empty, that doesn't make them disposable. Do not throw in the garbage. Take them to a depot for safe recycling.

See also: Propane Tanks (Refillable)

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How do I go green?

Turn off your portable cook stove and remove the tank when not in use so you don’t waste propane. Plan your cooking ahead of time in order to use less propane.

There is no safe use for an old propane tank so bring it in to be recycled.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions, charges and limits.


  • Darryl's and James's Digs

    103 East Point Road
    Saturna Island

  • Ellice Recycle

    524 David Street

  • GFL Environmental (formerly Alpine, and Terrapure Environmental)

    1045 Dunford Avenue

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Oak Bay Public Works Yard (Oak Bay residents only)

    1771 Elgin Road
    Oak Bay

  • Salt Spring Garbage

    360 Blackburn Road
    Salt Spring Island

  • The Environmental Story

    Even empty tanks are a safety risk in the trash or hiding in the basement. A small amount of propane will always remain inside the tank, even if you leave it on until the flame goes out. A tank that has not been properly depressurized can explode if punctured or cause a fire if it leaks.