Holiday Packaging and Paper

  • map-wrapPaper wrap (with bows and ribbons removed), greeting cards and gift bags go into your mixed paper for curbside collection. Only 100% paper wrap (no foil or holographic images) can be recycled and all non-paper attachments must be removed.
  • Shipping and corrugated cardboard boxes up to 30”x 30” should be flattened and larger boxes cut down. They can be placed securely between or beneath your blue boxes for curbside collection.
  • Refundable beverage containers, like eggnog, milk, juice, pop and alcohol containers, can be taken to a depot for a 10-cent refund. 
  • Plastic and foil trays, paper cups and cookie tins can go with your mixed containers for curbside collection.
  • Plastic overwrap, crinkly bags, foam and more can be returned at participating Recycle BC depots (including Hartland Depot) — see the full list of what’s accepted at Recycle BC.

Drop-off Depots

Do you have refundable beverage containers? Did your festive light string quit working? Holding on to appliances that no longer work? What about foam packaging?

These items and many more can be dropped off free of charge at many locations in the region. Visit to find out where and what’s accepted.

Curbside Blue Box Recyclingsnow-recycle

  • Winter Weather – Hold on to your recyclables until your next collection day should service be affected by unsafe road conditions.
  • Get Reminders – Never miss a collection day by signing up for reminders and service alerts Blue Box Schedules & App.

Christmas Tree Chipping

Wondering what to do with your old Christmas tree after the holidays? Here's a list of local tree chipping events taking place after Christmas:

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