Why has the CRD introduced a new automated weigh scale?

The CRD is keeping up with technology. Many landfills across North America already have automated weigh scales to reduce wait times for account customers. Hartland is an award-winning landfill and the new scale system will further position it as a world-class facility.

Are all areas of the site open to registered account customers?

Only the active face is open to registered account customers, Monday to Friday, from 7-9am. All other areas such as the refuse bins, recycling and yard waste areas and household hazardous waste disposal are open to all customers from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Are Saturday hours different?

Yes, Saturday hours are from 7am to 2pm for all customers.

How can I become an account customer?

Credit applications are available at the landfill office or contact CRD Finance at 360.3027 for a copy. Once your credit application has been approved, you will need to register for an access card at the weigh scale. *Please note that the form may not be fillable in Firefox 19.0 and higher.

Can I get a replacement card?

Yes, replacement cards will be issued for a fee.

What is the active face?

The active face is the area of the landfill where garbage is filled, where for the most part, large commercial vehicles over 5,500 kg GVW (gross vehicle weight) drop off the region’s waste.

Is the active face safe for residents to drop off their garbage?

The active face is unpaved and most appropriate for large vehicles. Due to the presence of mobile equipment moving and compacting garbage, all customers to the active face must wear high visibility vests and safety boots. Loads must be covered and secured.

If I have passengers in the car, do they need to wear vests and boots?

As long as your passengers remain in the vehicle, they do not need to wear safety vests and boots.

If I’m a resident who is an account customer, can I also use the public drop-off bin area?

Yes. As long as your vehicle and load weigh less than 5,500 kg GVW (gross vehicle weight), you may use the public drop-off bins from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 7am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Does the CRD pay for any damage to tires caused at the active face?

No. Although Hartland staff use a vehicle equipped with a magnet to pick up any loose nails, and sharp objects., it is the account customer’s responsibility to ensure that the tires on his/her vehicle are suitable for the conditions of the active face.

How does the new weigh scale system work?

Your access card identifies your account, and once recognized by the card reader, the transaction commences. Each transaction has a number, which will also be printed on the ticket.

What if I feel there’s a discrepancy between my load and the ticket information?

Each transaction has a number that is printed on your ticket. At the same time, cameras record the transaction, embedding the ticket number, weights, times, etc. on the recorded images. In case of a discrepancy, account customers are able to refer to their ticket number and all of the data will be made available to cross-reference.

If I have any questions, who should I contact?

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our website, please contact CRD Information Line:
Tel: 250.360.3030 or 1.800.663.4425 local 3030

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