Hartland Landfill

hartland-machine-hhHartland landfill is owned and operated by the CRD and is located about 14 km northwest of Victoria. It is the only solid waste disposal facility in the Capital Region, serving 383,000 people. Hartland receives about 140,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year. The operation is a multi-purpose facility providing collection for recycling, household hazardous waste, salvageable items as well as yard and garden waste collection and processing, controlled waste disposal and landfill service to commercial and residential customers.

Our most recent calculations indicate that at present filling rates, current design capacity is expected to be reached in 2049.

Registered Account Customers

Commercial haulers and municipal forces can become registered account customers. Hartland has an automated weigh scale for registered account customers as well as a scale for the general public to access the site. Garbage from commercial haulers and municipal forces is disposed of directly at the active face.


Customers and visitors are required to comply with all posted site regulations. Because of the presence of mobile equipment, visitors to the active face area are required to wear high visibility apparel and safety boots. Also, due to the risk of fire and the presence of landfill gas, smoking is strictly prohibited. Fines are in effect.

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Residential Garbage

Residential garbage collection in the Capital Region is provided by a combination of municipal programs and private subscription services.

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