The Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs provide a comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate the effects of landfilling operations on the environment. At Hartland Landfill, control measures are in place to reduce and control effects to groundwater, surface water, leachate and air.  A comprehensive monitoring, assessment and management program, the Hartland Landfill Environmental Program, is in place to:
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the control measures
  • assess the impact of the Hartland landfill
  • manage the receipt of nuisance wastes and wastes that require special handling
Hartland Landfill Environmental Programs are designed to evaluate the effects in each of these areas, including:
  • landfill gas emissions monitoring
  • groundwater and surface water quality monitoring
  • leachate quality monitoring
  • permitting of controlled wastes
The results of monitoring and assessment and of the permitting program are reported annually. This information is used to aid in the management of the landfill by providing information to CRD staff, managers and committees.


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