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Marine Assessment and Research
Since the early 1990’s, the CRD Marine Monitoring Program has delivered marine assessment and research services for the Capital Region. ... Confirm proper functioning of CRD wastewater treatment facilities and outfalls ... Marine Monitoring Advisory Group
Environmental Protection, Wastewater & Marine Environment Program ... The Capital Regional District (CRD) conducts an annual monitoring program to assess the potential effects of the Macaulay and Clover Point municipal wastewater outfalls on the marine receiving environment.  ... To undertake the marine outfall monitoring program (2021-2023), the CRD requires the services of a research vessel and operator for ongoing monitoring work.
Wastewater Treatment
Oak Bay Wastewater Discharge Notice ... In 2006, an environmental report commissioned by the Ministry of Environment noted the contamination of seabed sites near our wastewater outfalls. ... In 2012, the federal government passed a law requiring all Canadian cities to provide secondary sewage treatment by 2020.
Regional Source Control
Source control is a cost effective way of protecting wastewater collection and treatment systems and the environment. ... The marine receiving environment adjacent to the CRD’s sewage outfalls ... Annual Reports
Core Area Wastewater Treatment
The system is controlled and monitored 24/7. ... 24-hour odour control monitoring system; ... A CRD phone line to report any odour issues 24 hours a day.
Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan
assessing and addressing wastewater and stormwater quality and quantity throughout the region, with special focus on outfalls, harbours and the marine environment ... Supporting Document, Water Quality Monitoring at Proposed Outfalls Finnerty and Albert Head ... Outfall Baseline Monitoring – Finnerty Cove and Albert Head
Stormwater & Wastewater Research
The CRD Marine Monitoring Program delivers marine assessment and research services for the capital region. ... Wastewater & Stormwater Environmental Reports ... The Marine Monitoring Advisory Group assist in designing monitoring and research programs.
Port Renfrew Wastewater Treatment
The Port Renfrew wastewater treatment plant serves a community of approximately 86 households. ... Sewage is treated at the extended aeration treatment plant with treated effluent discharged to the sea through an 81-meter long outfall. ... provides community input for the delivery of water, wastewater, solid waste and street lighting services in the area.
Core Area Wastewater History
Prior to the construction of the Core Area Wastewater Treatment System, all wastewater from the Core Area was screened before being discharged into the marine environment from one of two outfalls, located at Clover Point and Macaulay Point. ... No other treatment occurred and it made the CRD the last major coastal community in North America to discharge untreated sewage into the marine environment. ... A video was put together to celebrate the Wastewater Treatment Project beginning to treat wastewater and exceeding regulatory requirements
Magic Lake Wastewater Treatment
The Cannon Crescent Wastewater Treatment Plant is the smaller of the two plants, providing secondary treatment and ocean outfall. ... Magic Lake Estates Wastewater System Infrastructure Replacement Project  ... provides community input for the delivery of sewage treatment services.
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