Household Travel Survey

The 2022 Origin Destination Household Travel Survey is occurring from October to November 2022. If you receive a letter from the CRD inviting you to participate, please follow the instructions to complete the survey.

The survey will ask where you and others in your household travelled in a day, when you went, and how you got there. It will also ask you a few questions about your household, such as the type of building, number of vehicles, bicycles, ages of residents, and so on. This will help the CRD better understand who travels where and what travel options they have.

The CRD conducts an Origin Destination Household Travel Survey every five or six years to help us understand the travel patterns of residents. The CRD, local governments and communities use the data to inform decisions on future transportation options for the region.

R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.
, a Victoria based research firm, is surveying on behalf of the CRD.


Further info

For questions about the survey, contact Malatest’s survey hotline toll free at 1.855.319.2887.

For information about CRD transportation research, call 250.360.3305.