Public Engagement

Public engagement on the separated use pathway design with lighting is set to begin in Spring 2021.


The Galloping Goose and Lochside Regional Trails have steadily increased in popularity since being constructed in the late 1980s (Galloping Goose) and early 2000s (Lochside) and now average 3.8 million visits per year. The increase in user volumes and conflicts in urban trail sections have been identified as challenges for years.

The 2016 Regional Trails Management Plan (RTMP) identifies assessing the feasibility of separating or widening the Galloping Goose between Selkirk Trestle and McKenzie Avenue / Highway 1, as well as to assess widening the Lochside between the Switch Bridge and McKenzie Avenue. The RTMP also identifies the need to study the possibility of adding lighting along regional trails.

The CRD retained consultant services in 2019 to conduct the Regional Trails Widening Study. The study considered options to widen and separate trail users and potentially light the 6.6km portions of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail between the Selkirk Trestle and Grange Road (adjacent McKenzie Avenue) and the Lochside Regional Trail between the Switch Bridge and McKenzie Avenue/Borden Street.

Urban Systems and PBX Engineering were retained for the project and submitted a report with recommendations and conceptual design drawings to Regional Parks in 2020. This report was presented to the Regional Parks Committee and CRD Board in February 2021. Staff have been directed to conduct expedited public engagement on the 6.5m separated use pathway design with lighting and implementation priorities.


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