Matthews Point Regional Park Management Plan

The CRD has approved a Management Plan for Matthews Point Regional Park on Galiano Island. It will guide park management, development, and use over the next 15 years. The final management plan was considered by the Regional Parks Committee and approved by the CRD Board on September 19, 2018.

Highlights of the management plan

Park vision: Matthews Point Regional Park is recognized as a small gem within the larger island landscape. The park maintains the natural character along a portion of Active Pass, providing a natural viewscape for those travelling on the water. Further, it provides Galiano residents and visitors opportunities to connect with nature and helps protect the Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem. Together with adjacent natural areas, the regional park is part of a wider natural area network that facilitates a healthy community.”

Key management actions

The park will be developed and managed over time primarily to keep the park natural, with minimal visitor facilities and services. Trail opportunities will be provided as the primary means for the public to experience the park.

  • Remove the former landowner’s shed and related infrastructure.
  • Formalize the Ridge Trail route as the main trail opportunity in the park and permit hiking and horseback riding on it.
  • Develop hiking-only trail links to the adjacent Bluff Park and to the adjacent Matthews Shore Access Trail, and close other informal trails in this area of the park.
  • Develop a primary park entrance at the west park access, including an information kiosk, small parking area (3-4 cars), bike rack, and toilet.

Public Engagement

The CRD held initial public engagement in the Fall 2017, prior to developing a draft management plan. Once a draft plan was prepared, a second round of engagement occurred, in Spring 2018 to gather comments on the draft plan. Public involvement is an integral part of the management planning process and the CRD thanks all who participated in the development of the management plan. Public Participation Reports from both rounds of engagement are available under Resources. All comments received were reviewed and some changes were made to the final proposed management plan, based on what was heard.

Purpose of a Management Plan

The management plan will guide conservation, development, operation and use of the park over the long term. It will provide strategic policy direction and specific priority actions for park management.

Key steps in the planning process:

  • Initial consultation to gather information and ideas (Complete)
  • Drafting the plan (Complete)
  • Consultation on the draft plan (Complete)
  • Finalizing the plan for approval (Complete)
  • Implementing the management plan (Next Step)

About the Park

The 25 ha park is located on the south-east tip of Galiano Island. The park is classified as a regional natural area. The main ecosystems include mature Douglas-fir forest, arbutus woodland, coastal bluffs and cliffs, and a wet meadow. One rare ecological community and three rare species have been identified in the park. Matthews Point Regional Park is home to over 150 native plant species, 32 bird species, 19 other fauna species, and 6 bat species have been identified along the adjacent beach area.

Implementation and development of the park facilities will occur over a number of years. Currently, one official park trail exists—the Ridge Trail—which is a 1 km crescent shaped trail beginning and ending at different locations along Bluff Road.


  • Views over Active Pass and Mayne Island
  • Coastal ecosystems providing key habitat for native plants and animals
  • Adjacent park and shore access, managed by other agencies, provide additional opportunities