Project Type Parks & Trails
Project Status Construction
Project Area View Royal
Estimated Cost $787,330
Estimated Start Date 19-Jul-2014
Estimated Duration 4 years
Contracted To / Performed By CRD and SNC-Lavalin


Remediation at Former Pistol Range Site

The Capital Regional District remediated the former Thetis Lake Pistol Range contaminated site in 2014. A subsequent risk assessment determined that the site now has no unacceptable risks for human health or the environment based on provincial parkland standards. The final step in the remediation project is to restore the site to naturalized parkland. Restoration activities will be completed in 2016.


The final phase of the Thetis Lake Pistol Range project is restoring the site as natural parkland. Restoration activities include removing the fence surrounding the site, removing the vehicle access road constructed for site remediation work, improving the water drainage system on site, and replanting the site with native vegetation. The site will remain closed to the public until the restoration is completed in 2017.

Site Remediation

The CRD and its consultant, SNC-Lavalin, completed the remediation in 2014. The work involved excavating shallow surface soils, dismantling the soil berms and removing contaminated soil from the 0.75-hectare site. Shallow soil contamination was found in the top layer of soil and in the berms. The disposal included all hazardous waste quality soil and soil exceeding remedial targets based on provincial Contaminated Site Regulation Urban Parkland Standards. SNC-Lavalin prepared a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment which concluded that there were no unacceptable risks associated with current site conditions.


This former shooting range site at Thetis Lake Regional Park was deemed contaminated under provincial legislation and required remediation. The CRD, as responsible stewards, committed to addressing the contamination associated with it to ensure public safety. 

For over a hundred years, various police forces, security companies and gun clubs in the greater Victoria area used the area as a firing range. Ownership and management of the site were transferred to the CRD in 1994 as part of Thetis Lake Regional Park. All pistol and gun club activities ceased in 1999. The area contaminated by the activities of the pistol range is 0.75 hectares. It required remediation due to contamination by metals from bullets and casings.

In 2002, the CRD Board committed to clean up the former pistol range site in Thetis Lake Regional Park and return it to naturalized parkland based on the recommendation of a citizen’s advisory group. In July 2013, the Board approved the remediation project.


Between 2005 and 2012, the CRD contributed $80,000 per year into a project reserve fund. The total budget for the Thetis Lake Pistol Range site remediation project was $787,330, which included $712,610 in project reserve funds and $74,720 from a BC Brownfields Renewal grant. The total cost of the remediation project was $709,700. The remaining project funds will be used for site restoration.


  • thetis-pistolrange4
    Restored site Fall 2017
  • thetis-pistolrange7
    Restoration to improve soil conditions & drainage
  • thetis-bullets
  • thetis-pistolrange3
  • thetis-pistolrange1
    Former pistol range and berm
  • thetis-pistolrange9
    Site prior to reclamation 2013
  • thetis-pistolrange8
    Site post reclamation 2015
  • thetis-pistolrange6
    700 trees were planted
  • thetis-pistolrange5
    Volunteers assist with tree planting

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