Project Type Water
Project Status Construction
Project Area Central Saanich
Estimated Start Date 15-Oct-2019
Estimated End Date 31-Jan-2020
Estimated Duration 3.5 months
Contracted To / Performed By Ecklundson Construction Ltd.


The District of Central Saanich (DoCS) is extending its water distribution system on Central Saanich Road in order to service the local area with drinking water. The DoCS’s project generally consists of 380 metres of water main, meter kiosk and in order to facilitate the extension, a new connection to the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) Transmission Main #4 is required.

The connection to the CRD’s transmission main (concrete cylinder pipe) is planned to be conducted while the main remains in service (“hot-tap”). In the unlikely event that the work results in a major failure of the water supply system, the CRD has a contingency plan in place to repair the system. This includes preparatory work to ensure the water system is in good operating condition before the work is initiated and that resources (labour, equipment and materials) are available to make repairs as required.

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Scott Mason, Manager of Water Supply Engineering and Planning
CRD Integrated Water Services