Project Type Buildings; Parks & Trails; Recreation
Project Status Construction
Project Area Central Saanich
Estimated Start Date 21-Feb-2022
Estimated End Date 30-Sep-2022


The Capital Regional District is building a new washroom facility at Hamsterly Beach. Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park is the most visited park in the system with nearly 2 million visits in 2020. New washroom facilities are required to meet visitation levels and demands. The fully accessible washroom will be plumbed with flush-toilets and fitted with energy efficient LED lighting and skylights. 

As part of the project planning, CRD Regional Parks completed an extensive environmental impact assessment and environmental protection measures have been incorporated into the facility design to minimize potential disturbance. All available site options in the vicinity were considered and the most appropriate location is to construct the new building in the same location as the existing facility.

CRD worked with a certified arborist and engineers to site the new facility in the optimal location that minimizes the number of trees that need to be removed. CRD has worked through all the required permitting process with District of Saanich, including a review through Saanich Parks to ensure compliance with Saanich’s Tree Protection Bylaw. The application for tree removals has been reviewed with minimizing tree loss and impacts in mind. The application currently proposes to remove seven trees to accommodate the new facility and to address two additional hazard trees in the area. The trees are being removed for a variety of reasons including roots growing into the existing piping. Others are being removed as they are in decline and pose a public safety risk to park visitors. 

There are up to seven additional trees identified as “to be determined”, which is a practice to allow the project arborist to attempt to retain trees in the field so long as tree health and safety are not compromised. 

The vast majority of trees near the project will be retained because of the location chosen and site modifications made. As part of the project mitigation, and to address the requirements of the Tree Protection Bylaw, CRD Parks will plant a minimum of 16 native replacement trees. 

This washroom follows previous upgrades to the washrooms located at  Filter Beds, Beaver Beach and Eagle Beach in the park in 2019. 


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