Project Type Recreation
Project Status Design
Project Area Salt Spring Island
Estimated Cost $550,000
Estimated Start Date 01-Nov-2018
Estimated End Date 01-Mar-2019
Estimated Duration 5 months


The Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) has approved a 20 year Master Plan to prioritize infrastructure investments for Centennial Park. The Master Plan is broken into five phases with the first phase focusing on the replacement of the washroom facility and storm water management.

The public washrooms at Centennial Park were built in the late 1980’s and have been in need of replacement for several years. The aging facility relies on heavy flow toilets and experiences high demand during special events such as the Saturday Market, often causing mechanical failures in the system. During a failure the facility can be closed for several hours or the entire day leaving visitors without public washroom facilities.

A preliminary design was approved by PARC in January of 2018. The new washroom facility will occupy roughly the same footprint as the current washroom but with the addition of a single stall unisex/family washroom. In addition to having waterless urinals all washroom fixtures will meet LEED standards.


Whats New

Last updated August 01

  • Mechanical drilling alert and notice added

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