We are fortunate to live in a region with access to nature and an abundance of outdoor activities, many of which take place in backcountry areas. These areas may be prone to landslides, avalanches, and wildlife encounters. Preparation is essential to survival if something happens.

Preparing for Other Hazards

General Outdoor Preparedness Tips

The best way to prepare for a trip in the outdoors is to make a trip plan and be sure to leave it with a friend or family member. While you're on your trip, stick to the plan!

Having the right gear on your trip is also essential so be sure to have these things with you:

  1. Flashlight, spare batteries and bulb
  2. Fire-making kit - waterproof matches/lighter, fire starter/candle
  3. Signalling device - whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost
  4. Extra food and water - 1 litre/person (4L per person in your home kit)
  5. Extra clothing (rain, wind, water protection and toque)
  6. Navigational/ Communication Aids (maps, compass, GPS, charts, cellular phone, satellite phone, hand held radio - fully charged battery) - know how to use them
  7. First Aid kit - know how to use it
  8. Emergency shelter - orange tarp or large orange garbage bag. These can also be used as signalling devices
  9. Pocket knife.
  10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)