Allergies/Medical Concerns

Does your child have any allergies (e.g. food, hayfever, bees etc?)

If yes to the above, does your child carry an Epi Pen?

Is your child taking any medication (e.g. insulin, ritalin, etc?)

Are there any other concerns we should be aware of?

Swimming Ability

Is your child water safe?

Does your child require a Lifejacket?

Pick Up

Persons authorized to pick up your child


I consent to PRC staff obtaining the aid of registered medical practitioners or ambulance in emergency

Field Trips

I consent to PRC staff taking the children from premises for field trips via public transit or 24 passenger bus

Information provided will be verified on the first day of the program. For the safety and wellbeing of all the children, parents and guardians may be asked for photo identification to verify signatures.