Efficient Irrigation Homeowner Workshops

rock-gardenA properly installed and maintained irrigation system will help keep water in our reservoir and money in your wallet. To help understand the basics of irrigation, the CRD Environmental Protection Division, in partnership with the Irrigation Industry Association of BC, offers free introductory irrigation workshops to homeowners in the Capital Region connected to the Sooke Lake Reservoir water supply.

Fall Irrigation System Maintenance

Keeping your irrigation system functional with some light maintenance this fall will save you time and money next spring.

This workshop will cover an introduction to winterization techniques, including how to review your system and look for leaks, when to call a contractor and what to ask for. This workshop is intended for existing systems, although can be useful if you are planning a new system, as initial installation can have long-term effects on maintenance, scheduling and water costs. Course instructor is a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of BC.

Micro/Drip and All Efficient Systems

Are you considering the purchase, installation, or upgrade of an irrigation system, but want more information?

In this three hour introductory homeowner workshop, irrigation experts will explain system components, discuss installation, and provide scheduling and maintenance tips. Course instructor is a local member of the Irrigation Industry Association of BC.

Controller Scheduling

What is the best water-saving device? You!

Learn more about the time, water, and money you can save simply by maintaining the proper scheduling of your irrigation controller. In this 2.5 hour introductory workshop, we will explore controller functions, water saving features, determining station run times, and how to water your garden and lawn efficiently. Course instructor is a local member of the Irrigation Industry Association of BC.

Additional Workshops

Looking to learn more about gardening with and the benefits of drought-resistant native plants?

Join us for a free introductory Grow a Native Plant Garden - Embracing the Wild workshop.