vanilstechpark 220x136 hhThe Vancouver Island Technology Park is a light industrial building designed for administration and research. The building is owned by the University of Victoria and was completed in 2002. A special agreement between the Municipality of Saanich and the Tech Park allows for shared use of the new permeable parking area by park users. Canada’s first LEED™ Gold building. An estimated 950,000L of potable water is saved via the use of waterless urinals and dual flush toilets. Landscaping with native plants and removal of old irrigation systems further reduces water needs. Energy saving features include a water loop heat pump with thermal storage.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used


Bioswales and constructed wetland ponds detain and cleanse combined stormwater from the Technology Park and the adjacent College before it enters Viaduct Creek.

Permeable Paving

Gravelpave and Grasspave brand products are used in the new parking area, allowing infiltration to gravel paving beds. Overflows go into bioswales.

Project Team

Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting, Stormwater Management
Brian La Cas, Civil Engineer


4464 Markham St
Saanich, BC