The Engineering Lab Wing and Computer Science Building at the University of Victoria is a new six-storey building completed in 2006 to serve the needs of students and researchers. It is located in the Municipality of Oak Bay. Use of all native plants in the landscaping reduces need for irrigation water and potential pest problems requiring chemical treatment. LEED™ certification is being sought.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

engineering-wing 220x136 hhRain gardens

Several depressed landscape areas receive and infiltrate roofwater. Rain gardens are designed to absorb rainwater runoff from roofs, driveways and walkways.

Permeable Paving

Aquapave brand unit pavers are used in the 14-space drop off area, on walkways, the main entry and the service road.


Roof is covered with vegetation and soil for a healthy growing medium.

Wastewater Harvesting

Wastewater from aquaculture tanks, diverted from the sanitary sewer, is used for urinals and toilets. The whole system across the University replaces 4ml of potable water.


The site was a 0.7ha concrete parking lot. 60% is now vegetated with native species.

Project Team

Vaughan Landscape Planning and Design, Landscape Architect
Bullock Bauer, Civil Engineer
BuildGreen Inc., LEED Consultant