This stormwater unit is underground; it was a public municipality retrofit completed in 2002.

Rainwater Management Techniques Used

Underground Cleansing

A concrete vault with aluminum swirl chamber was built in place, in line with underground storm drains. It has an 29 hectare catchment area.

This end-of-pipe solution addresses stormwater quality. The vaults allow grit and silt containing metals to settle to the bottom and trap oils, cigarettes, plastics and other garbage, preventing them from entering Victoria's harbour. Accumulated waste needs to be removed approximately every five years. The cost to remove 30 metric tonnes by a qualified industrial waste hauler in 2007 was approximately $12,000. The City has also increased the size of 300 catch basins and chambers as part of a larger $3.2 million project.

Cost & Funding

$375,000, equally shared between local, provincial and federal governments via an infrastructure grant.

Project Team

City of Victoria Storm Water Quality Officer, Water and Environment Engineering Section.


Government and Princess Streets
Victoria, BC